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Cautions & Maintenance

Cautions for handling and care of the product

Stone Alter R / Stone Alter S (HS001-01 / HS002-01)
This product is hard and heavy as a stone product. Please be careful of damage due to strong impact. or injure yourself by dropping it.
The appearance of each stone is different because it is made of natural stone.
The part of the stone skin that can be seen is due to the design. The appearance of the skin of the stone is different for each item.

Rin / Insulator (HS003-01 / HS003-02)
Each item is handmade, so the appearance of each piece will differ.
The color of the brass product will change and deepen as it ages.
Oil from hands may leave marks.

Sound stick (HS004-01)
Each piece has a different appearance as the iron is hand-tempered
When play the Orin, please hit the rubber part against the Orin.

Incense Burner / Spatula (HS005-01 / HS005-02)

Incense burner
Please do not use a dishwasher or scrubber as they may cause damage, peeling, or scratches.
Please avoid sudden changes in temperature as this may cause breakage.
Please do not give it a shock as it is a ceramic product.
When cleaning, wash with a soft sponge and neutral detergent.

Ash Spatula
The color of the brass product will change and deepen as it ages.
Oil from hands may leave marks.

Incense (HS006-01 / HS006-02 / HS006-03)
Please stay close to the incense until it burns out completely.
Never allow children to use incense alone.
Use a nonflammable incense burner or stand on a flat surface.
Use incense in a tidy place with no wind.
When you are using more than one incense stick at a time, please separate each stick one by one. Incense may fall over due to the transfer of fire.
Please refrain from using it continuously. The remaining fire in the ashes may cause the incense to fall over.
Do not store in direct sunlight or in high temperature and humidity.

White ash (HS007-01)
Keep out of reach of children.

Water Vessel (HS008-01)
Handmade product, so each piece will have a different appearance.
Please be careful not to shock the glassware.
Please do not use a dishwasher, as it may break the glass.

Photo Block (HS009-01)
Please refrain from using this product in places where the temperature changes drastically or where it is prone to high temperatures, as it is an acrylic product.
Do not wipe with bleach or chemicals that contain solvents such as thinner, benzene, nail polish remover, glass cleaner, etc. When cleaning, use soap or mild detergent and lukewarm water, and wipe with a soft cloth.

Object S / G / Object L / G (HS010-01 / HS011-01)
The color of the brass product will change and deepen as it ages.
Oil from hands may leave marks.

Object S / S / Object L / S (HS012-01 / HS013-01)
Silverware will tarnish black over time.
When polishing tarnished silverware, wipe the surface with a cloth moistened with silver polish, etc., and then wipe dry with a clean, light cloth.

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