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Incense Burner (Black) / Spatula

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Home Sanctuary's aromatic products (incense, incense burners, ash spatula and incense ash) are tools for enjoying the world of fragrance through the five senses. Experiencing these fragrances contributes to the overall well-being of the mind and body.

The sense of smell is the most primitive of the senses. It directly influences our instincts, exerting a wide range of effects on the human body and brain. Beneficial effects of aromas range from calming and relaxing the mind to enhancing concentration, fostering clear thinking and promoting high-quality sleep.

The Incense Burner has an elegant presence and is comfortable to hold. Crafted by Gaku Shakunaga, whose studio is located in Higashi Iwase, Toyama Prefecture, this vessel draws inspiration from the bowls used by monks during almsgiving. Embracing the philosophy of "subtractive design in a daily-use vessel," it embodies functional beauty through a simple form, stripping away unnecessary elements.

The wild, textured surface quality is achieved through the blending of glazes and post-firing polishing. The Incense Burner (Black) accentuates wrinkles with crystallized glaze, while the Incense Burner (Bronze) is roughly polished after firing to produce a metallic texture and variations.

After filling the Incense Burner with ash and shaping the ash into a mound with the ash spatula, light the incense at the peak and savor the fragrance slowly. The act of shaping the ash clears the mind of distractions, allowing for a clear sense of immersion in the world of fragrance.

The Incense Burner serves not only as an incense holder but also as a beautiful vessel with various uses. It can hold seasonal flowers as a flower vase or stand as one of the decorative objects in the room. Consider collecting multiple Incense Burners in different colors to enhance your interior or use each one for nurturing different types of small plants.

*This product comes with "Spatula" and "White Ash".

Material:Pottery / Brass
Production:Toyama / Fukuoka , Japan
Model No:HS005-01

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