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Object L (Gold)

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Home Sanctuary's Object is the focal point of the sanctuary, serving as the object of prayer.

The image of a single droplet falling onto the water's surface, creating gentle ripples, symbolizes the uninterrupted flow of time from the past through the present to the future. It points distinctly at the vivid "now" within that continuum, resonating with the refined principles of Zen philosophy and exuding a sacred aura.

The Object is designed by HYOW INABA, which garnered global attention with its gender-neutral silver jewelry brand NATURAL INSTINCT. The Object draws inspiration from ancient geometric patterns and the mystical beauty of nature, including the golden ratio. Inaba shares, “I’m fascinated by the elemental images engraved in everyone's DNA. I felt that if I used a symbol that doesn't specify religion or ethnicity, I could help lead to a world beyond divisions."

Embossed with droplets and ripples, the Object encloses a small space inside that can be opened and closed. If you use it as a Buddhist altar, you can insert a loved one’s ashes or items of significance such as rings or earrings, so that you can feel the presence of your loved ones always nearby.

Object changes in color as it weathers. You can choose to let the discoloration proceed, finding beauty in hues that deepen with the passage of time and savoring its profound expressions. Or you may prefer to maintain its brilliance through regular polishing. The choice is yours.

To some, Object may resemble a flame. To others, it may bear the aspect of a ripe fruit, or even a part of a Buddhist stupa. Its universal form brings forth mysterious vibrations that soothe your heart when you merely gaze upon it.

Production:Tokyo , Japan
Model No:HS011-01

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