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Fragrance is an indispensable element for a tranquil and attractive sanctuary. Traditionally, fragrance is regarded as a sacred link between heaven and earth in shrines and temples, used to dispel negative energy. Fragrance not only soothes the mind, easing the daily journey, but also transforms an ordinary room into a special place.

To create Incense, Home Sanctuary selected sandalwood, a sacred aromatic wood cherished across the world throughout the ages. Known for its subtly sweet and smoky, spicy aroma, Sandalwood is recognized for its profound relaxation effects.

The Incense lineup features three varieties. The first is Indian Mysore Sandalwood, celebrated under the name "old mountain sandalwood” and known for its intense sweetness. The second, Indonesian Sandalwood, also known as new mountain sandalwood, exudes a refreshing scent with prominent acidity. The third is Fijian Sandalwood, offering a well-balanced fragrance with the characteristic sweetness and acidity of sandalwood.

Home Sanctuary's Incense contains no additives, only the powdered bark as a binder. Unlike common incense, in which the sandalwood is often blended with traditional Chinese medicine or essential oils, diluting its pure fragrance, Home Sanctuary's Incense delights with the unadulterated scent of sandalwood.

Just as one enjoys the subtle differences in the delicate flavors of coffee or wine, savoring the nuances of fragrances from each terroir and discerning them according to your mood can be a delightful experience.

Material:Indian Sandalwood , Indonesian Sandalwood , Fijian Sandalwood
Production:Hyogo , Japan
Model No:HS006-01 , HS006-02 , HS006-03

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