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Sound Stick

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Sound Stick is a one-of-a-kind orin stick crafted by blacksmiths. It sports a rugged yet cool appearance not commonly seen in orin sticks used in temples or Buddhist altars, while seamlessly integrating functionality to produce beautiful tones when striking Rin.

Sound Stick is a satisfyingly hefty, hexagonal block of iron. It is crafted by the Kajikobo Hiromitsu, a foundry that has been producing iron products for ten generations in the Izumo region, itself known for its flourishing tatara iron-making. Kajikobo Hiromitsu poured all of its traditional forging techniques, nurtured through the forging of Japanese swords, into the making of this compact Sound Stick. Tempered in the forge and hammered to strength, the Sound Stick will gradually become familiar to the hand and resist rust even with extended use.

The tip, adorned with natural rubber, also incorporates the craftsman's skill and ingenuity. Typically, a slight gap forms between the round rubber and the hexagonal body, allowing air to mix in and potentially affect the tone. To address this, the tip is rounded to ensure a snug fit between the body and rubber, achieving a deep, gentle resonance.

To produce the finest sound, point the tip of the Sound Stick downward, relax the grip, and strike the edge of Rin at a 45-degree angle. The clear and resonant tones should evoke a profound sense of tranquility.

Material:Foot Bellows Iron
Production:Shimane , Japan
Model No:HS004-01

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