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Rin (Black) / Insulator

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Home Sanctuary's Rin is a worshipful and compact orin (bell for liturgical services and meditation) crafted by top-tier orin artisans. Its clear, resonant tone brings a feeling of comfort and tranquility that reverberates throughout the body. Rin doesn't limit itself to any specific religion, usage or location. Try ringing it when you feel unsettled, before bedtime, during moments of prayer, or in the quietude of morning meditation.

The Shimatani Syouryu Koubou in Takaoka, Toyama, where Rin is manufactured, is one of the top orin studios nationwide, having supplied orin to temples, including Eiheiji Temple, for over 110 years. Orin artisans start by repeatedly hammering and annealing brass plates to create the form, then tune the bells to adjust the three undulating sounds called kan, otsu and mon. The artisan conducting the tuning must have a serene heart to capture the undulations accurately. Through polished skills and a serene heart, high-purity orin are born, each one precise and unique.

Rin embodies the craftsmanship of orin-making pursued by the Shimatani Syouryu Koubou, which designs bells to harmonize with the acoustics of each living space, including tone, texture and size. Compact and easily portable at just under 11 cm in diameter, Rin comes in two colors: Gold, made with brass meticulously polished by artisans, and Black, whose expressiveness and variations in color result from annealing of oxidized film. Both colors produce the same exquisite sound.

Just as you use a high-end audio system to savor fine music, enjoy Rin in an optimal setting. The included Insulator is designed to maximize Rin's resonance. With three-point support minimizing contact between Rin and the installation site, Insulator effectively absorbs sound vibrations. Whether using Rin as a Buddhist implement or an acoustic device, experience the finest tones, enhanced by Insulator.

Production:Toyama / Tokyo , Japan
Model No:HS003-01

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