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Stone Altar R

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The Stone Altar creates a sacred space in a corner of the room, a stone pedestal that unites the items of Home Sanctuary.

The substantial and expressive stone, itself an art piece of other-worldly beauty, enhances any interior. Each Stone Altar is selected and ideally crafted by skilled artisans, so every Stone Altar is unique.

The surface of the Stone Altar boasts a beautiful ebony color with a glossy finish. At one end, the underlying grain, reminiscent of burnt iron, subtly peeks through. This uniquely expressive stone is Daté Kanmuri stone, mined at Mt. Okurayama in Miyagi Prefecture. Around 20 million years ago, magma erupted during volcanic activity, floated on the seabed without solidifying and decomposed in reaction with seawater salt. The exceptionally rare Daté Kanmuri Stone is the result of this process.

Handling everything from quarrying to processing and construction is Okurayama Studio, a company with a history of approximately 140 years. The studio's former quarry site is dotted with facilities for enshrining the largest stones extracted from the mountain. For Takasuke Yamada, the fifth generation president of Okurayama Studio, quarreling rock is the act of receiving life from the mountain. Guided by this insight, Yamada discovered new value in stones that had previously been stored as scraps, making Daté Kanmuri Stone a source of inspiration for artists and designers worldwide.

Artisans at Okurayama Studio are professionals in interpreting the expressions of each stone. Due to significant individual variations in Daté Kanmuri Stone, the appearance of the stone grain is only revealed upon cutting. The experience and skill of the artisans in engaging with the stone and identify sites for processing are indispensable.

From this Daté Kanmuri Stone emerges the Stone Altar, tailored to serve as the pedestal for Home Sanctuary. In order to fit easily on standard shelves, Home Sanctuary is designed in compact sizes for both round and square shapes.

One of the unique joys of Daté Kanmuri Stone is watching its color change gradually over the years. Welcome into your room the memories of Earth that have slumbered within rock strata for eons.

Material:Ancient Stone
Production:Miyagi , Japan
Model No:HS001-01

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