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Buddhist Altar

Buddhist Altar

2CD Home Sanctuary's Buddhist Altar is not just an altar for the practice of Buddhist faith but a novel approach to connect hearts with loved ones.

Now you can bring warmth and richness to your everyday life by having conversations with departed loved ones.
Conventional altars can seem disconnected from our modern lifestyles in terms of rituals and design. That sense of disconnect was the impetus behind the Buddhist Altar. Created to foster clear communication with the deceased above all, the Buddhist Altar is stripped of all but the most essential implements.

Each product, from the resonating orin conveying pure prayer to the incense that purifies mind and body, the vessel for pouring clear, untainted water and the pedestal that reserves a part of the space as a sacred area, is meticulously crafted with the highest quality, embodying unparalleled sanctity.

The Buddhist Altar is also the optimal choice for those who brook no compromise on interior aesthetics. Its artistically beautiful design complements any room and it is compact enough to fit on standard shelves. Fulfilling the need for both an intimate prayer space and aesthetic appeal, the Buddhist Altar brings a sense of deep fulfillment.
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