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Personal Altar

Personal Altar

2CD Home Sanctuary's Personal Altar is an idea to create a serene space in a corner of your room.

A traditional altar is a massive fixture placed at the center of a religious space such as a church or shrine, used for prayer under stringent rules. In contrast, with the Personal Altar, you can easily assemble a sanctuary on your shelf by arranging things you want to see or that you find comforting on a small stone pedestal.

The choice of items and layout are entirely up to you. When you set up the Stone Altar as the foundation of your altar, it transforms a secular space into a sacred one. Combine multiple items from our suite of Meditation Tools or display charms from shrines, souvenirs from your travels, flowers and plants, favorite art pieces, or sculptures. The possibilities are vast.

Your Personal Altar is a microcosm all your own. Express yourself according to your intuition and expand your sense of fulfillment. Decorate it freely with items that enrich your soul to build a one-of-a-kind, creative altar.
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